The history of modern Western Civilization

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On the Decline of Civilization in the Name of Its Progress
By Richard Manning, Cambridge, 15 February 1994. Seeks to expose the sickness at the core of Western Civilization by drawing upon literary criticisms of the West's innate pathology.
Evolution of geopolitics
By Nikolai S. Rozov, 19 August 1998. Argues in favor of the Western liberal order in lieu of anything more promissing.
Where the New Age meets the Third Reich: David Icke and the politics of madness
By Will Offley, AntiFa Info-Bulletin, Research Supplement, 7 March 2000. Considers the British right wing conspiracy theorist, David Icke, as a symptom of the decay of the West. His current involvement with anti-Semitism, neofascism, and lizards from Mars.
Medieval prejudice still influences West's view of Islam
By Karen Armstrong, DAWN, 21 June 2002. after the First Crusade, scholars began to cultivate a highly distorted portrait of Islam, and this Islamophobia, entwined with a chronic anti-Semitism, would become one of the received ideas of Europe.
The West may be coming apart
By Francis Fukuyama, The Straits Times, 10 August 2002. Whether the West is really a coherent concept. The end of history was supposed to be about the victory of Western, not simply American, values and institutions, making liberal democracy and market-oriented economics the only viable choices. Does the concept of the West still make sense?
West's policies must embody its ideals
By Fatma Al Sayegh, Gulf News, Al Jazeerah, 27 June 2003. Looking back at the core of ideals that made Western civilisation, one can't fail but to share with Gandhi his admiration for the Western civilisation, its achievements and its overall contribution to the human civilisation. While the West acts like protector and defender of these values at home, its behaviour abroad, especially towards non-Western countries, reflects the opposite.
The Eastern Origins of Western Civilisation by John M. Hobson (2004)
Book announcement, 11 March 2004. John Hobson challenges the ethnocentric bias of mainstream accounts of the Rise of the West. Each major developmental turning point in Europe was informed in large part by the assimilation of Eastern inventions, 500–1800 A.D. The construction of European identity after 1453 led to imperialism, through which Europeans appropriated many Eastern resources.
Brutality a symptom of Western view of Arabs
By Robert Fisk, The Independent, [2 May 2004]. Wasn't Hitler one of us, a Westerner, a citizen of our culture? If he could kill six million Jews, which he did, why should we be surprised that we can treat Iraqis like animals?