Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

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The Islamic Summit challenge: Iran, Turkey and the Arabs. Future conflict or peace?
Arabic News, Regional, Analysis, 9 December 1997. With the occasion of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Teheran, many are viewing this event as a counter measure to the US sponsored MENA economic conference that was embroiled in much controversy as a result of the inclusion of Israel. What will be outstanding are the differences among the Islamic countries.
Islamic Summit supports rights of women
South News, 12 December 1997. Muslim nations of the world today declared full respect for the dignity and the rights of Muslim women. They condemned terrorism committed in the name of Islam and demanded that Israel stop building settlements on war-won Arab land, particularly in Jerusalem.
Pressing for Democratic Reforms in the UN
By Ahmad Faiz bin Abdul Rahman, Thursday 1 January 1998. The recent OIC summit in Tehran was truly one of the more significant that has ever been held by the OIC. The summit had the effect of bolstering Iran's image of defiance of Western inter-meddling in Middle Eastern affairs. The reasons for the lack of support for the U.S. Middle East and North Africa summit in Doha, Qatar. The demand for a Muslim seat on the UN Security Council.
President Arafat addressing the Ministerial Meeting of OIC
Full text of the speech of President Arafat to the Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Doha Qatar, [26 May 2001].
O.I.C. Communiqué
South News, 11 December 2001. Representatives of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims set up a ministerial panel on Monday to urge the United States and the European Union to press Sharon and the Israeli government to end its on going aggression on the Palestinians and revive the Middle East peace process.
OIC ministerial meeting kicks off, Arafat's absence overshadow the event
South News, 11 December 2001. The ministerial meetings of the Organization of Islamic Conference's foreign ministers started Monday on the deteriorating situation in the Palestinian territories. Palestinian President Yasser Arafat could not attend the meeting as Israeli occupation forces prevented him from leaving for Doha to give the keynote address.
OIC's apathy deplored
Bureau Report, DAWN, Wednesday 5 June 2002. The NWFP president of the Pakistan Muslim League (QA), Salim Saifullah Khan, has deplored the silence of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) over the grave situation Pakistan was faced with in the wake of Indian war threats.