The culture history of the modern Arab world

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Filmmakers to get a chance at first international festival, 9 September 1997. The first annual Beirut International Film Festival, which will be held next month, aims to give the local industry a much-needed boost and to make the city the cultural capital of the Middle East.
Arab caricature manifests social and political issues, 11 May 1998. As troubles grew in the Arab homeland, satire and caricature took on different forms in the past few years, and new generations of caricaturists entered the arena. But this abundance does not mean that the space of freedom has expanded before the Arab caricaturist.
Arab women's fashion between mythology and modernity, 25 May 1998. Now we can see in the Arab woman, the daughter of Anat, that her body is a temple and her dress the alter clothes. For thousands of years, women in the Arab area have embroidered. Millions of women through hundreds of generations have created a heritage of untold value. Aesthetically balanced, full of mythological mystery, a mirror of history and an outlook on life.
Arab language as calligraphy art, 1 July 1998. Although Arabic is only second to Roman alphabet in terms of widespread use even today, Arabic script was developed at a much later date. They produced in a relatively short time an astonishing calligraphic development, transforming the Arabic script into an artistic medium that best reflected their genius and attracted their best talents.