The Black disaspora

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Dialogues on the Diaspora: Blackness in a globalized world
Black Radical Congress, 31 October 2001. Call for papers for an international conference of Black Anthropologists, Panama City, June 17–21, 2002. The second interdisciplinary conference on African Diasporan issues in the 21st century.
700 attend State of the Black World conference
By Debbie A. Bell, People's Weekly World, 12 January 2002. The State of the Black World Conference was held here Nov. 28–Dec. 2 with 700 delegates. It was convened to discuss issues and problems Black people face in the U.S. and the world community, from racism and oppression to poverty and suffering.
Diasporan wins Miss Malaika
By Baffour Ankomah, NewAfrican, 22 January 2003. a 22-year-old African-American student won a closely contested Miss Malaika pageant beamed from Harare on 14 December to an estimated 300 million people in 30 countries across the world. Two years ago the pageant was started as a counter to the Miss World contest that had for years overlooked the distinctive beauty of the African woman.