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Subject: [BRC-ANN] BRC in Support of CACPR Boycott
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Statement in Support of CACPR Boycott

Black Radical Congress National Council Meeting, 29 March 2003, St. Louis MO

The Black Radical Congress is active in the struggles of our people against police terror which has reached epidemic proportions in this country. Members of the African-American community bear the brunt of police terror and excessive force in many parts of the U.S. The police are in our communities to intimidate, confine, and control. They treat people in our communities with racism, suspicion, and disrespect, and they place little or no value on our lives and safety. They do not hesitate to use excessive force and violence to protect the interest of the ruling class of this country. Each act of police violence arouses outrage and indignation not only because of the act itself, but also because there is rarely any justice for the victim and families. Rogue cops are often exonerated for their vicious deeds or worse, even rewarded with commendations or promotions.

Regardless of the city, the scenarios of police violence are the same; only the names and faces change. A handcuffed black male shot to death because he allegedly lunged at an officer; a black youth running from an officer and posing no threat is shot in the back; car chases by police that kill innocent bystanders; a black man shot to death because police thought he had a weapon; and the scenarios gone on.

The Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression has been earnestly committed to bringing an effective citizens review board into realization. Effective meaning that it is independent, has subpoena power and the board is democratically elected. We understand that road the Coalition has traveled has been rocky because of racism and because of the lack of support from city officials. We also understand that it this lack of response and insensitivity that compelled the Coalition to announce a boycott of the Citys tourism and conventions. The BRC applauds the hard and tireless work of the Coalition.

The Black Radical Congress stands in full solidarity with the boycott against the City of St. Louis. We have membership in many urban centers across the country and will mobilize in those respective cities against travel to St. Louis for business or for pleasure. The BRC will do all it can to ensure a victory for the brothers and sisters who have waged a courageous struggle here in St. Louis.

Police violence must end !