The retrospective history of U.S. imperialism

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America and The New World Order
By Richard K. Moore, 14 October 1996. A four-part article that traces the rise of the U.S. Empire from the time of the Revolution up to the Neoliberal revolution, Gulf War and New World Order.
U.S. Marks First Centry as Global Power
Analysis by Jim Lobe, IPS, 24 April 1998. The United States Saturday quietly marks the 100th anniversary of the day the U.S. Congress declared war on Spain—a moment when this nation attained global power status and began, what Time-Life publisher Henry Luce later hailed as, The American Century.
How U.S. Imperialism Rose As A World Power
Excerpts from a 1935 essay by George Novak, reprinted in the Militant, 23 February 1998. The key to the relatively slow development of American imperialism is to be found in the late blooming of finance capital.
The American empire
By Ignacio Ramonet, Le Monde diplomatique, February 1997. Since 1991 the US has enjoyed a supremacy unknown to any world power for more than a century. Henceforth the American empire [was] the only one in the world, an exclusive hegemony, the first time that this strange phenomenon has occurred in the history of mankind.