Imperial Judicial intervention and policing

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FBI to Monitor European Activists
By Ezekial Ford, Freezerbox, 8 August 2000. Once upon a time the FBI investigated leftists at home, and the CIA subverted them abroad. This started to change in the 1960s, when crack intelligence squads from the CIA were required to stamp out domestic ‘threats to stability.’ Recent years are witnessing the opposite trend: the FBI has caught globalization fever and is currently dotting Central Europe with offices to complement its already impressive network of 43 centers operating off US soil.
New Global Role Puts FBI in Unsavory Company
By David A. Vise, Washington Post, Sunday 29 October 2000. When a terrorist blast killed 17 sailors aboard the USS Cole earlier this month, more than 100 FBI agents, laboratory experts and forensics specialists swarmed into Yemen. We have the ability to work, literally, every place in the world. The bureau confronts police tactics, including torture and a lack of due process, that would be barred in the U.S.
The Underground Military
By William M. Arkin, Washinton Post, Monday 7 May 2001. President Bush vowed to reduce the American military presence around the world. It's a particularly tough task when much of the presence isn't acknowledged or official. Taken individually, each country may have a justification for secrecy. But it becomes apparent that the U.S. military is increasingly everywhere and nowhere.
Spain and U.S. Seize N. Korean Missiles: Scuds Were on Ship Bound for Yemen
By Thomas E. Ricks and Peter Slevin, Washington Post, Wednesday 11 December 2002. The decision to take over the ship was approved at the highest levels of the administration. Last month, when the U.S. conducted an airstrike against suspected terrorists in Yemen, the Yemeni government quickly made it known that it had agreed to the action. But the Yemeni government will be hugely embarrassed by this missile seizure.
America's Sovereign Right To Do As It Damn Well Pleases
By John Chuckman, 11 April 2003. The U.S. is claiming a sovereign right to try Iraqi officials as war criminals. This threatens to become the model for international affairs in the twenty-first century, the banana-republic concept applied on a world scale.
Pentagon Moving Swiftly to Become ‘Globocop’
By Jim Lobe, Project against the Present Danger, 12 June 2003. The Pentagon is moving at breakneck speed to redeploy U.S. forces and equipment around the world in ways that will permit Washington to play Globocop.
US push for global police force
By Esther Schrader of the Los Angeles Times and Tom Allard, Sidney Morning Herald, 27 June 2003. The United States would train and lead an international police force, bypassing traditional peacekeeping bodies such as the U.N. and NATO, under a proposal by the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.