United States cultural imperialism

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CIA and the New World Order
By Ralph McGehee, CIABASE, 9 December 1996. Reflection on review of Samual Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations. According to Huntington, the war of ideologies and interests was over, and now the war of cultures—Western, Eastern Orthodox, Latin America, Islamic, etc. has begun. The CIA has declared a new holy crusade on Islamic Fundamentalism, calling it the more explosive and evocative International Terrorism.
Methodists to open mission center in Cambodia
The United Methodist Church press release, 4 May 1998. Planned $350,000 mission center in Phnom Penh reflects the cooperative relationship among United Methodists from the U.S., France and Switzerland, and Methodists from Korea and Singapore. The establishment of that kind of a community, in a country that is 98 percent Buddhist, is very important.
Compromise act still has U.S. gov't favoring religion in foreign policy strategy
American Atheists, AANews, 6 October 1998. Legislation which puts the U.S. Government in the business of monitoring cases of religious persecution in foreign nations, and enacting a range of penalties in event of any violations.
U.S. Cable TV Invading Brazil
By Adalid Cabrera LeMuz, Associated Press, Wednesday 29 August 2001. A foreign invasion by U.S. cable television is luring viewers away from traditional Brazilian programing. The average cable client is upper middle-class. The violence and consumerism often depicted in American shows could have a negative influence on young Brazilians.
Prevention of capitalist ideological poisoning called for
Korean News, 26 September 2001. Imperialists' ideological and cultural poisoning is a form of aggression and interference perpetrated by them under the signboard of cooperation and exchange. It is one of their strategies to dominate the world through reactionary ideological and cultural poisoning.