United States humanitarian & human-rights intervention

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Albright to appoint official on freedom of religion
Deutsche Press-Agentur, Saturday 24 January 1998. U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Friday she would appoint a special coordinator for religious freedom to ensure that our efforts to advance religious freedom are integrated successfully into our broader foreign policy.
Human Rights Imperialism
By Uwe-Jens Heuer and Gregor Schirmer, Monthly Review, March 1998. In its aspect as ideology (as opposed to its aspect as an element of international law), human rights became an effective weapon of the cold war and remains a heavily used propaganda tool of the new neoliberal global regime. Focus on this distinction between human rights in international law and in (neo-imperial) ideology.
A New Interventionism? Evil Empire
By Edward S. Herman, In These Times, 21 February 2000. David Moberg sees the United States, despite its checkered record, as the agent to spread human rights. He claims that human rights have become a principle in international affairs, and he urges the left to take a more positive position to help the United States do more for global human rights.
The truths they never tell us
By John Pilger, The New Statesman, 26 November 2001. Behind the jargon about failed states and humanitarian interventions lie thousands of dead. How liberals tolerate the sufferings of innocents.
PR man to Europe's nastiest regimes
By David Aaronovitch, The Guardian, Tuesday 30 November 2004. John Laughland and his associates is a group of right-wing anti-state libertarians and isolationists, suspicious of any foreign entanglements, who have somehow morphed into apologists for the worst regimes and most appalling dictators on the planet.