United States narco-imperialism

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The introduction of the ‘Western Hemisphere Drug Elimination Act’
By Hon. Bill McCollum of Florida, in the House of Representatives, Wednesday 22 July 1998. The text of the introduction of the Western Hemisphere Drug Elimination Act, entered into the Congressional Record by Rep. Bill McCollum of Florida.
Return of the big stick
By Ron Chepesiuk, Toward Freedom, September 1999. Using its relentless pursuit of a war on drugs as justification, the US is working hard to retain its imperial role in the Caribbean and Latin America.
US Certification Ignores Local Problems
By Abraham Lama, IPS, 6 March 2000. The annual US certification process unilaterally judges the efforts of 25 to 30 countries considered major drug producers or trafficking sites. The certification process is an instrument of political pressure, an indispensable condition for the countries to receive US financal aid and credit from international lending institutions, in which Washington's vote is decisive.
The Last Word on the Drug War
By Dan Gardiner, The Vancouver Sun, Tuesday 5 September 2000. The international war on drugs is a policy conceived, created and enforced by the government of the U.S. Eight hundred philosophers, scientists and statesmen say it's time to stop the madness.
A plane is shot down and the US proxy war on drug barons unravels
By Julian Borger in Washington and Martin Hodgson in Bogota, The Guardian (London), Saturday 2 June 2001. When a small plane carrying US missionaries was shot down a few weeks ago in Peru, it helped yank the covers from the secret side of America's billion-dollar drug war in Latin America. In Colombia and Peru, Air America provided Washington with distance and deniability. But it was a CIA-run operation. The privatisation of the drug war.