Meeting of the G7, Birmingham, May 1998

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Proposals For New Financial Architecture Disappoint
By Dipankar De Sarkar, IPS, 15 May 1998. The 'Group of Seven' leading industrial powers Friday recommended a series of steps to strengthen the global financial system - but a leading Third World critic dismissed them as hypocritical. Hopes for a sound global financial system based on IFIs, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, despite intense recent criticism of the IMF's role in Asia's economic and social turmoil.
G8 scorned by euro press
BBC, Monday 18 May 1998. London—The outcome of the G8 summit in Birmingham has been greeted with criticism and a degree of scorn in many of the industrialised countries' newspapers. Condemned are the failure of the world's top leaders to do more to relieve Third World debt or come up with a concerted response to India's nuclear tests or the crisis in Indonesia,
Response by the Presidency on Behalf of the G8 To the Jubilee 2000 Petition
19 May 1998. This posting contains the statement by the Group of Eight (G-8) countries meeting in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in response to the international Jubilee 2000 demand for cancellation of unpayable debt by poor countries, particularly in Africa.