The history of political and cultural globalization

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The Military’s Silent Role in Globalisation
By Niccolo’ Sarno, IPS, 14 May 1999. Wealthy countries negotiating international trade and investment agreements push for exemption clauses which allow the maintenance of corporate subsidies through virtually unlimited military spending. Globalisation has created a new relationship between governments and the corporations with their allies in the military.
The market: substitute for democracy
By Jeremy Seabrook, Third World Network Features, August 1999. How have the free market and democracy come to be seen as identical twins in Western rhetoric? How is it that the financial institutions routinely conflate market reforms with good governance, as conditions for lending to Third World countries?
Globalization—How can we understand it?
By Kim Scipes, 2 December 1999. Globalization includes political and cultural processes. We need a wider conceptualization. Dialectic of interactive and competing processes taking place over time between efforts of integration that transcend borders and efforts of fragmentation that want to strengthen borders.
Civilians at Risk in Global Warfare
By Jim Wurst, IPS, 23 December 1999. The globalization of warfare has put civilians, particularly children and women, at risk while humanitarian favoritism threatened some of the world’s neediest people.