The attack on the global working class

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Imperialist Attacks On Iraq Are Part Of Preparing For War Against Workers State In Russia
By Naomi Craine, Militant, 9 March 1998. Washington's war moves are not simply a drive to bring the Saddam Hussein regime to its knees, but are a step by the U.S. rulers to put themselves in a position to directly confront workers states and attempt to restore capitalist rule through military force.
The U.S. as Fourth Reich
By Dave Stratman,, 2 September 2002. As ill-considered as Bush's war-like policies may seem, in fact there are powerful strategic reasons behind them. Parallels with World War II. The U.S. has determined to serve a role similar to that of the Nazi regime in the 1930s and '40s, fulfilling the role of the Fourth Reich to governments most likely to be threatened by mass insurrections and revolutionary upheavals in the coming years.
Unite to fight the warmakers
From IAC Action Center, 24 January 2003. Unable to contend with the historic and constitutional right of the people to control their own government and the direction of their country, the Bush Administration has now launched an assault on the anti-war movement. As the clock ticks down and the administration rushes to wage war against Iraq, it is starting another war here at home against the people of the United States.
Report on urban warfare points to US plans to destroy Iraqi cities
By Patrick Martin, World Socialist Website, 30 October 2002. A blueprint for the use of overwhelming military and technological supremacy to brutalize and terrorize a far weaker opponent into submission. Doctrine for Joint Urban Operations. against urban masses. The use of advanced weaponry on a massive scale against a target including civilians as a substitute for the perils and difficulties of house-to-house ground combat.
Bringing the War Back Home: The Stealth Assault on the Poor
By David Hilfiker, Z Magazine, 10 April 2003. The Bush Administration's stealth attack on the poor has gone almost unnoticed. Place the many pieces on the table together, however, and the breadth and the depth of the attack become startling.