The Iraq war as a lever of global domination

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The boy king and his crusading war
Mid-East Realities, 18 March 2003. After Afghanistan and Iraq the US and Israel have already targeted Iran, Hezbollah (Lebanon), Hamas (Occupied Palestine), and Syria (all in the MiddleEast) as well as Pakistan plus of course North Korea in Asia. The new crusade for the 'New World Order' first enunciated by the current American President's father is now underway full-speed-ahead.
After Baghad, Tehran, Damascus, Riyadh
By Michael A. Ledeen, New York Sun, 19 March 2003. The battle for Iraq is about to begin, and in all likelihood it will involve us in the broader war about which the president has been speaking ever since September 11, 2001. Iraq is a battle, not a war. We have to win the war, and the only way to do that is to bring down the terror masters, and spread freedom throughout the region. We'll know soon which destiny we will achieve.
The opening shots in a battle ‘for control of the world’
An Arab press review, by the Daily Star, 21 March 2003. The range of opinion in the Arab press as the war starts. For example, who is ultimately responsible? Arab world braces itself for a new era of direct foreign occupation. Baghdad, unlike in 1991, has made ample preparations "for" steadfastness and resistance modeled on the experience of the Palestinians. Future scenarios. In no previous war was the aim world hegemoney.
The First of Many Wars
By Peter Hartcher, Washington, Australian Financial Review, 22 March 2003. Iraq is just the beginning of a revolutionary plan that involves the very face of the Middle East. The neo-conservatives who run the US no longer support the status quo—they want quite literally to change the world as we know it.
Is Iraq the opening salvo in a war to remake the world?
By Robert Dreyfuss, The American Prospect, 1 April 2003. The Bush administration's hawks, especially the neoconservatives who provide the driving force for war, see the conflict with Iraq as a signal event, designed to create cataclysmic shock waves throughout the region and around the world, ushering in a new era of American imperial power.