The Battle for Umm Qasr

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Tough battle for Umm Qasr
BBC, 21 March 2003. The US Marines had been told to expect fairly light resistance in Umm Qasr, but they encountered much stiffer opposition than they had been expecting.
Ominous Signs for Coalition in Battle for Umm Qasr
By Victor Mallet, Financial Times, 23 March 2003. US and British marines, backed by tanks and air strikes, fought for the third day on Sunday to secure full control of the Iraqi frontier town of Umm Qasr, in a small but politically significant battle that has become an embarrassment for the invasion force.
Umm Qasr aid effort ’a shambles’
BBC News, 3 April 2003. The humanitarian effort in the British occupied area a shambles. The town is still not under control. It’s like the Wild West. And even the most major humanitarian concern, water, is not being adequately administered.