The attack in the Horn of Africa, from 1996

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U.S. Force to Help African States to Fight Terror
Excerpt, Reuters, Thursday 23 January 2003. A U.S. force sent to hunt for any militant groups in the Horn of Africa will soon start training regional security forces in counterterrorism and enhancing their capability. The region has been a flashpoint for attacks by militants.
Djibouti: a new army behind the wire
By Philippe Lemarie, Le Monde diplomatique, 6 February 2003. 10 years after its disastrous incursion in Somalia, the US army is backin the Horn of Africa. Camp Lemonier in Djibouti since US troops arrived last September. France no longer has Djibouti to itself. Djibouti is turning into a valuable base for the US, with training, modern ports and airports.
With little fanfare, America opens a new front on the war on terror
By Frank Gardner in Djibouti, Independent (London), 20 February 2003. A new military front in the so-called war on terror: the Joint Task Force Horn of Africa. Quietly the Pentagon and the CIA have been building up a sizeable presence in Djibouti. Served as a base for extra-judicial killing, targeting suspects without bringing them to trial.
U.S. forces set up Djibouti garrison
By Maurice Williams, [The Militant, March 2003]. Washington has set up another garrison in its expanding military presence around the globe. Dubbed the Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, the Pentagon/CIA operation will oversee U.S. military activities in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Yemen, Somalia, and Kenya.