World War III and propaganda

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Bay of Pigs ploy unveiled
By Tim Weiner, New York Times News Service, The Miami Herald, 24 March 2001. Since the 1970s the CIA had agents in place at some news organizations like the Associated Press and United Press International, particularly in foreign bureaus, to dictate articles and have them sent around the world.
In a warped reality
Commentary by Gary Younge, The Guardian, Monday 21 March 2005. The occupying powers are still so desperate to create a moral framework to justify the war that embracing the irrelevant and ignoring the inconvenient has become the only viable strategy left to them.
It's Propaganda (Shock, Horror)!
By David Isenberg, Asia Times, Saturday 3 December 2005. The news of a US military operation that pays Iraqi newspapers to run stories written by “information operations” troops about how wonderfully things are going in the war should not come as a shock.
Reporters Without Borders and Washington's Coups: International Republican Institute Grants Uncovered
By Diana Barahona and Jeb Sprague, CounterPunch, 1 August 2006. Washington have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up its funding of Reporters Without Borders. The NED has revealed that Reporters Without Borders received grants over at least three years from the International Republican Institute.
Islamic Fascism: The propaganda of our times
By Paul R. Dunn, Columnist for The Pilot newspaper, Southern Pines, North Carolina, 6 September 2006. The President of the US used the term “Islamic Fascism” to define the creed of America's enemies. The pejorative term has been used by many propagandists on the far right to equate modern Islam with Mussolini and Hitler.
Pentagon Will “Catapult the Propaganda” Via U.S. Media
By Paul Joseph Watson, Prison, 31 October 2006. Military, government indoctrination wing formally declares psychological warfare on the American people by announcing it will engage in propaganda and indoctrination by using the Internet and media to “set the record straight” on the war on terror.
Please spare me the word ‘terrorist’: Lebanon is a good place to find out what tosh the ‘terror’ merchants talk
By Robert Fisk, The Independent, 3 February 2007. Here it is that the hydra-headed monster of Iran is supposedly stalking the streets of Beirut, staging a coup against Mr Siniora and his ministers.
West Needs More Terror To Save Doomed Foreign Policy
By Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, Tuesday 10 July 2007. The West needs more terror attacks on the scale of 9/11 and 7/7 in order to save a failing foreign policy, according to Lt.-Col. Doug Delaney, chair of the war studies program at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.
Credibility Of Wikipedia Takes a Dive After Wired Exposé
By Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, Tuesday 14 August 2007. The credibility of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has taken another dive after a newly developed software program exposed how the CIA, corporations like Diebold and others routinely edit entries to bury criticism and manipulate the truth.