World War III in the Republic of Panama

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Controversy Rages over Canal Antidrugs Centre
By Silvio Hernandez, IPS, 17 July 1998. Controversy raged over plans to establish a US-Panamanian Mulitlateral Antidrugs Centre (MAC) in the Canal zone, as interested parties fanned the flames of disagreement in talks already suspended for two months.
Plan Colombia supply and troop flights to operate from Panama
By Eric Jackson, 11 April 2001. The Pentagon is looking for a civilian contractor to operate from Panama, flying military forces and supplies in and out of Colombia.
Panama next Thailand?
The Panama News, [7 September 2000]. Fears that the coming U.S.-funded anti-narcotics offensive in Colombia (Plan Colombia) will drag Panama country into a war in much the same way that Thailand was dragged into the Vietnam War: as a staging area for U.S. troops and a destination for refugees.