World War III: The attack upon Yugoslavia

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NATO Troops Get Out Of Yugoslavia Now! Washington's aim is restoring capitalist domination
Militant, 22 December 1997. The working class is the target of the occupation of Bosnia. NATO's expansion into Eastern and Central Europe has a similar and interrelated goal: reestablishing class exploitation and the complete domination of the profit system from the Balkans to the Caucasus and beyond.
Background To The Struggle In Kosovo
By Anne Howie and Natasha Terlexis, Militant, 23 March 1998. Excerpts from Report from Kosovo in The Truth about Yugoslavia: Why Working People should Oppose Intervention.
Washington Prepares Assault On Yugoslavia
By Argiris Malapanis, Militant, October 1998. Washington has taken new steps toward launching military strikes against Yugoslavia, using the pretext of alleged concern for Albanians in Kosova who are under fire by Belgrade's army and police forces.
Kosovo and the intricacies of self-determination in global capitalist society
By Joe Johnson and John A Imani, [24 March 1999]. What is of moment, in this travesty of hypocritical humaneness, for the membership of the Black Radical Congress, other than the humanity of its membership and our righteous anger at the continued existence of warfare: The answer has to do with our thoughts on the question of self-determination.
‘Structural adjustment’ and dismemberment of Yugoslavia
By Nick Beams, Financial Express, Wednesday 28 April 1999. In all the acres of print and millions of hours of television programming devoted to the Balkan crisis, beginning with the dismemberment of the Yugoslav federation in 1991, there has been virtually no coverage, much less analysis, of its underlying causes.
Globalism's first victim
By David Orchard, National Post, Wednesday 23 June 1999. The idea that NATO attacked Yugoslavia to solve a humanitarian crisis is about as credible as Germany's claim in 1939 that it was invading Poland to prevent Polish atrocities. Western politicians and media are churning out endless accusations of Serb atrocities, while the proven and infinitely greater atrocities of NATO—launching an aggressive war, using internationally outlawed cluster bombs and firing depleted uranium ammunition into Yugoslavia—are buried.
Why U.S. wants Milosevic ousted
By Brian Becker, Workers World, 22 July 1999. What are the class interests being served by the U.S./NATO war against Yugoslavia, by the NATO occupation of Kosovo, and now by the concerted efforts of the CIA, the IMF and the major U.S. mass media to support the overthrow of the Milosevic government?
Why is NATO Decimating the Balkans and Trying to Force Milosevic to Surrender?
By Jared Israel and Nico Varkevisser, 29 August 2001. Many people in the West don't realize that there is passionate support for Milosevic across the political spectrum in the former Soviet Union. They understand that the ultimate target is the former Soviet Union.