World War III: The attack on Kosovo

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Clandestine Preparations For War In Kosovo
By Vesna Peric-Zimonjic, InterPress Service, 3 March 1998. The current political stalemate in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo, may become the catalyst for renewed Balkan instability, according to observers and Western diplomats in the region.
Violence sweeps through Kosovo province
News release by Amnesty International, 3 March 1998. Amnesty International uses reports of attacks by Serbs on Moslem Kosovar to justify international intervention in Kosovo.
Is there a CIA war in Kosovo?
By Gary Wilson, Workers World, 18 June 1998. News reports here about the Yugoslav province of Kosovo have presented greatly exaggerated tales. The stories have been “enhanced” by those with an interest in either promoting a civil war or weakening the Yugoslav government.
War Against Kosova Albanians Heats Up, As Washington Moves To Intervene
By Maurice Williams, Militant, 6 July 1998. The Yugoslav government headed by Slobodan Milosevic has intensified its war against Albanians in Kosova who are fighting for self-determination, while Washington and other imperialist powers discuss preparations for a military assault on the Balkan republic.
President Rugova Talks on the Phone with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
Kosova Information Center, Kosova Daily Report (Prishtina), 7 August 1998. A set of news reports from an anti-Serb source that offers an example of the connection made between specific incidents and a call for US military intervention.