Feudal and petit-bourgeois forms of struggle

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Mobilise for anti-IMF/WB protests in Prague in September 2000! Join the September 23 International Day of Action to shut down IMF/WB!
A call of the Czech revolutionary anarchist organisation Solidarita, A-Infos News service, 22 March 2000. In the days of September 23–30 there will be the 55th annual conference of IMF and WB in Prague. This will be the first action of that sort in Eastern Europe after the collapse of Stalinism.
S26 in Ireland and the origins of the anti-capitalist movement
By Andrew Flood, 13 September 2000. A personal report of work Irish anarchists in the Workers Solidarity Movement are carrying out in preparation for the S26 Global day of action in Prague and some speculation on the origins on the new anti-capitalist movement.
Is Anarchism Suitable For Complex Societies?
By Brian Oliver Shepphard, 8 December 2002. Anarchism, according to many modern critics, could only hope to work in limited, small-scale economies. The primitivist sect of the American anarchist movement advocates destroying the “industrial mega-machine”, and returning to small, localized, autonomous villages. This is completely at odds with what the anarchist movement has fought for traditionally.
Response to ‘Towards an Another Anarchism’
By G*rd*n, 14 February 2003. The rejection of capitalism may be a reasonable or necessary position for anarchists to take it is by no means a historical constant. Capitalism is a sort of incomplete realization of anarchist ideas. Religion has often provided the intellectual framework for substantial anarchist projects and populations. Class is an essential aspect of the fundamental social model against which anarchists struggle.
Edging Away from Anarchy: Inside the Indymedia Collective, Passion vs. Pragmatism
By Gal Beckerman, Smygo list, [5 September 2003]. How the Indymedia publishing collective slowly to an organized structure from extreme individualism.