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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 98 18:39:44 CDT
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Subject: IRAQ: Iraqi Envoy Says News Report Proves U.S. Influence Over UN
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** Topic: IRAQ: Iraqi Envoy Says News Report Proves U.S. Influence **
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Iraqi Envoy Says News Report Proves U.S. Influence

Xinhua, 14 August 1998

UNITED NATIONS, August 14 (Xinhua) -- Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations Nizar Hamdoon said Friday that a report by the Washington Post Friday proves that the U.S. has too much influence on U.N. arms inspections in Iraq.

This is why Iraq has requested in the past... that there should be a major change in the whole infrastructure of the U.N. Special Commission for disarmament in Iraq, or UNSCOM, he told a CNN program.

The Post says U.S. officials have asked UNSCOM head Richard Butler to try delaying surprise arms inspections to avoid confrontation with Iraq.

A standoff between Iraq and UNSCOM has emerged since Iraq decided Wednesday last week to suspend cooperation with UNSCOM, demanding a restructure of UNSCOM and its removal from New York to Geneva or Vienna to reduce what it calls American influence.

Iraq has repeatedly accused UNSCOM of being influenced by the U.S. to prolong the disarmament process so that sanctions imposed on Iraq since its 1990 invasion of Kuwait remain in force indefinitely.

In a press release issued here today, UNSCOM denied being given or having accepted any external direction.

Diplomatic efforts are being made for the resumption of arms inspections following U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's suggestions to the Security Council that Iraq be engaged more closely in finding ways of resolving the differences.

The 15 member Security Council is expected to meet on Monday to decide its next step.