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Subject: UN Receives Evidence of US Terrorism in Iraq

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US responsible for acts of terrorism, reveals Iraq*

By Atheer F. al-Abadi, The Baghdad Observer, No. 8529, 3 april 1996

Baghdad, April 2— Iraq has informed the UN Secretary General Dr. Butros Ghali of evidence linking official US institutions with blatant acts of terrorism inside Iraq.

In a letter to the UN chief, Iraq's Acting Foreign Minister Mr. Abdul Ghani Abdul Ghafour said the revaluations published in an article by British newspaper were made by one of the CIA agents who admitted he was responsible for a number of car bombings inside Baghdad and Saladdin provinces and other areas of Iraq. The agent admitted he was working under direct instructions of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Abdul Ghafour dubbed these practices as a desperate attempt by US circles to destabilise the country and create a state of anarchy. He said these acts were targeted against Iraq's national leadership.

Mr. Abdul Ghafour added that the US is intentionally undertaking such acts of terrorism at a time it claims to be sponsoring anti-terrorism policy.

The Iraqi minister demanded that the article be circulated among member countries as an official Security Council document.

On the other hand, Iraq also denounced the Kuwaiti regime's involvement in a number of aggressive acts aimed at destablising Iraq, and interfere in its internal affairs. The Iraqi stance was clarified in a letter to the UN Chief by Iraq's Acting Foreign Minister Mr. Abdul Ghafour in which he demanded the world body stop such vicious acts by agents of the Kuwaiti intelligence services who, he said, worked under direct supervision of the CIA.

The letter included admission by those agents that they were recruited to carry out acts of terrorism inside Iraq.