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Subject: Helping Hand for Museveni?
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Bush Wants List of Kony Backers

The Monitor (Kampala), 15 August 2004

US President George Bush wants the State Department to compile a list of Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) financiers.

Mr Bush also wants Uganda to allow international human rights groups to monitor local militias in war zones. These are among the issues contained in the Northern Uganda Crisis Response Act that requires Secretary of State to present a report to Congress by January (within six months). The US president signed it on August 2.

“The report shall include a description of the following: The individuals or entities that are providing financial and material support for the LRA, including a description of any such support provided by the Government of Sudan or by senior officials of such Government,” the Act reads. Yesterday, Army spokesman, Major Shaban Bantariza said the UPDF has lists of Kony backers and financiers.

“We have bank accounts, local and foreign through which money has passed,” he said but was skeptical about the possibility of sharing this information with the State Department.

“What do they want it for?” he said. “There is evidence that Kony has committed atrocities. I think we should only produce this information to the International Criminal Court, which is investigation Kony.”