Attack on the United Nations

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[UN dues and nuclear proliferation]
By Paul Konye, from a discussion on the Africa-L, 13 February 1995. A brief comment on the UN dues payment issue.
The U.N. as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy
By Phyllis Bennis, Third World Network Features, 19 December 1995. That the US views the UN as an adjunct to, or an instrument of its own foreign policy, is revealed by several slips-of-the-tongue made by those in the administration.
UN Secretaryship Issue: An Urgent Call for Action to Override US Veto<
From Ibe Ibeike-Jonah, 2 December 1996. The United States vetoed the re-election of the incumbent UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, for a second term. This action is unprecedented in a number of ways. The appeal letter.
UN in grave peril
Editorial, Khaleej Times (Gulf Times), 13 November 1998. Whatever the outcome of the seemingly inevitable air strikes against Iraq, it transpires that much like a puppet-master, the United States ordered the Australian chief arms inspector Richard Butler to withdraw all UN arms inspectors and support staff from Iraq for the first time in seven years.
NATO action unwisely undercuts U.N.
Commentary by Peter Erlinder, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Sunday 4 April 1999. No matter what the outcome of the NATO bombing campaign, the fundamental architecture of international law, centered on the United Nations during the 50 years since World War II, has suffered a severe blow from which it may never recover.
The US wants to depose the diplomat who could take away its pretext for war with Iraq
By George Monbiot, The Guardian, Tuesday 16 April 2002. The US attempt to unseat the man in charge of ridding the world of chemical weapons will be the first time that the head of a multilateral agency will have been deposed in this manner. Every other international body will then become vulnerable to attack.