War upon on the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1995

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Washington Escalates Assault On Iran
By Pat Smith, The Militant, 15 May 1995. In a move aimed against the sovereignty of Iran, U.S. president B Bill Clinton announced a trade ban against Tehran. Under the guise of combating “international terrorism” the White House is pressing other governments to stop doing business with Iran.
U.S. Gov’t Steps Up Anti-Iran Drive
By Laura Garza, The Militant, 12 February 1996. On December 31 the U.S. Congress passed a bill that included authorization for an $18 million covert action campaign to be run by the CIA against Iran. Not directly overthrow the government, but indirectly by cultivation oppositon in Iran.
Iranian Abandons Push To Improve U.S. Ties
Reuters, Washington Post, Thursday 30 May 2002. President Mohammad Khatami urged his reformist allies in parliament today to abandon a quest for better relations with the United States because of what he described as the growing U.S. belligerence toward Iran.
CIA Develops Secret Plan To Foster Political Dissent
By Martin Dillon, Rense.com, 25 July 2002. President Bush has given the CIA the green light to promote dissent in Iran. Since the downfall of the Shah, and the arrival of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, Iran has symbolized militant Islam. He silenced dissent within the country and encouraged non-Western values.
US may put Iranian nuclear plant on hit list
By Dana Priest in Washington, Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 2002. A nuclear power plant being built in Iran is a potential test of the Bush’s doctrine of pre-empting threats to US security. Although a pre-emptive strike appears to be supported by only a minority in the Administration. Israel has suggested it will not allow the plant to open.
Iran: The next target?
By Paul Rogers, The Progressive Response, 5 Feburary 2003. President Bush’s State of the Union address almost went as far as to imply that Iran would become an immediate focus of attention after Iraq. US domination of Iraq will domonstrate to Iran that the US is dominant in the region, which is important because of Iran’s oil and gas reserves, her potential control of the Straits of Hormuz, a burgeoning population and a geographical location at the heart of south-west Asia.