African states caught between popular demands and empire

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Africans take stand against war
South News, 12 February 2003. African leaders have closed ranks with France in opposition to the US-led drive for war on Iraq at a Franco-African summit in Paris. Chirac said France wished to renew its commitment to stand alongside the peoples of Africa.
Beating the African drum
By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 11 March 2003. If two of the three African nations—Guinea, Cameroon and Angola—currently sitting as non-permanent members of the Security Council vote no, there will be no UN second resolution to legitimize war.
Kenyan military ponders role in Gulf War
By Mugo Njeru and Gakuu Mathenge, Nairobi, The Nation (Nairobi), 12 March 2003. Top-level British and Kenyan military officials have held secret talks over Kenya’s role in the war in the Gulf. The officials discussed Kenya’s possible logistical support. There is no evidence of allied military activity in Kenya, although the country has a treaty allowing British and American forces the use of its airbases and the Port of Mombasa.
We’ll Not Be Intimidated By US Gov’t
By Suleiman Mohammed & Austine Odo, Daily Trust (Abuja), 27 March 2003. In a swift response to the recent withdrawal of financial aid to the Nigerian military by the U.S., the Federal Government declared that it cannot be coerced by the U.S. into supporting her in the on-going war against Iraq.
Dog-fight amongst African leaders over U.S. war with Iraq
By Chika Onyeani, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, African Sun Times, 3-9 April 2003. A major crack in the ranks of African countries in their resolve to oppose the American-led war against Iraq. The African decided to oppose the war against Iraq but now most countries seem to be opting out.