American states caught between popular demands and empire

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Canada balks on Iraq effort: Amid some debate, a resistance rises to the US demands
By Colin Nickerson, Boston Globe, 2 February 2003. The country that depends most upon the United States for its prosperity and national security has become the dithering ally, its top politicians offering vague and often wildly contradictory statements as to whether Ottawa will back a US -led military campaign against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.
Costa Rica Reprimands Envoy to U.N. Over Iraq
By Colum Lynch, Washington Post, Friday 21 February 2003. Costa Rica ordered its U.N. ambassador to resign this week for failing to staunchly back U.S. policy on Iraq. But he was reinstated a day later after pledging to more faithfully implement his government—s pro-American stance.
Mexico Refuses to Bend to U.S. on Iraq
By Alistair Bell, Reuters, Saturday 22 February 2003. In defiance of the United States and Spain, U.N. Security Council member Mexico vowed on Saturday to maintain its opposition to an attack on Iraq. Mexico’s position will exclusively serve our interests, the interests of the Mexicans and no-one else.
Farm Labor Leaders Slam Bush Over Mexico Pressures at UN
San Francisco Labor Council press release, 10 March 2003. Leaders of the nation’s main farm labor organizations, representing immigrant farm workers from Mexico in the U.S., sent a letter today to Bush expressing outrage over the heavy-handed tactics employed by Bush against the government of Mexico in an attempt to secure its agreement with the war on Iraq.
Canada’s Role in the War and the Media’s Crisis of Credibility
By Richard Sanders, Press for Convesion! April 2003. Are we approaching a point at which the myth of Canadian non-involvement in this war is perceived by so many Canadians as a baldly false and ridiculous statement that the government and media will have to backtrack on the official story?