Southeast Asian states caught between popular demands and empire

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Senior U.S. envoy tells Malaysia that war in Iraq not inevitable
By Sean Yoong, APS, Wednesday 8 January 2003. Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar voiced concerns that a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq might trigger widespread instability and plunge the world economy into turmoil. Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s staunchest opponents of a possible war in Iraq,
Malaysia condemns US bombing of Baghdad
News Straits Times, 20 March 2003. Acting Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi condemned the US bombing of Baghdad, which is a black mark in history; the use of pre-emptive force not only threatened the foundation of international law but also set a dangerous precedent in international politics.
The US cannot avoid political failure in Iraq: Vietnam
AFP Tuesday 25 March 2003. A consistent opponent of the Anglo-American policy on Iraq, Vietnam condemned the war against Iraq as a gross violation of international law and a move that renders the United Nations ineffective. The U.S. will win the war but will not avoid a massive political failure.
Indonesian VP labels Bush king of terrorists
AFP, 4 April 2003. The US has always boasted about upholding human rights and democracy. . .yet without UN approval and with objection by many countries, it invaded Iraq. If Bush is not the king of terrorists, what else can we say about him? said Haz, who heads Indonesia’s largest Muslim party the United Development Party.