W The attack in Afghanistan

The attack in Afghanistan

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U.S. Vows Campaign Against Taliban
By Barry Schweid, AP, Wednesday 13 December 2000. Declaring Afghanistan is “a haven of lawlessness”, the State Department's counterterrorism chief vowed an all-out diplomatic, political and economic pressure campaign to isolate the ruling Taliban militia.
Warnings of Backlash and Blowback growing
Mid-East Realities, 24 September 2001. While it is rather obvious that the U.S.government is using the new situation to boldly enforce the post-Cold War “new world order”, there is already a growing uneasiness that while the Empire has tremendous military/technological might it lacks the political subtlety and historic sophistication to rule in such a way.
Afghanistan, bin Laden and the hypocrisy of American imperialism
By By Doctor Zayar, 26 September 2001. American's role as world policeman is now affecting America in a very direct way. It supported the counter-revolutionary movement in Afghanistan in 1979. US imperialism is directly responsible for the Taliban. Osama bin Laden and his Mujhaeedin were armed and trained by the CIA in order to overthrow the pro-Moscow government in Kabul.
How U.S. destroyed progressive secular forces in Afghanistan
By Deirdre Griswold, Workers World, 27 September 2001. In the 1980s, the reactionary political elements now ruling Afghanistan were working with the CIA to overthrow a progressive Afghani government supported by the Soviet Union. Appended a 1996 Workers World article.
History Corrected—U.S. Wanted Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Mid-East Realities, 6 October 2001. The world believes that there was an invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union on 24 December 1979 and then, in response, the U.S. and Muslim countries rallied to help Afghanistan repel the invaders. This is wrong. President Jimmy Carter secretly approved CIA efforts to try to topple the government of Afghanistan in July 1979. Interview with Zbigneiw Brezinski.
What's lurking behind the war in Afghanistan?
By Terrie Albano, People's Weekly World, 17 November 2001. There is little wonder that the Bush administration—with its vast ties to ultra-right ideologues, oil, finance, military industries and intelligence agencies—seized upon an incredible human tragedy to push their own agenda. Bush's association with top energy figures; oil and natural gas in region. The terrorist attacks gave U.S. corporate and ultraright-driven foreign policy a new lease on life.
The west wants to rebuild Afghanistan in its own image—whether the locals like it or not
By Jeremy Seabrook, The Guardian (London), Tuesday 27 November 2001. In spite of having ransacked the academies and thinktanks of America and Europe in order to consult experts on Afghanistan, the western powers appear to have learned nothing, either from the September terror or from their much-lauded prosecution of the war.