The attack in Kenya

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U.S. Issues Terrorism Warning in Kenya
The Associated Press, Friday 20 June 2003. The Pentagon's intelligence branch has issued a terrorism alert to all U.S. interests in Kenya. Details of the warning, including the target and the nature of the threat, are classified secret. Kenya and other countries in the Horn of Africa have been a focus of U.S. counterterrorism efforts for many months. A special U.S. military task force has been operating in the Horn of Africa since late last year.
Shipload of Bombs Arrives for UK Army Training
By Patrick Mayoyo, The Nation (Nairobi), 30 July 2003. A vessel carrying explosives and other military goods for British Army exercises. Four major exercises, of which two involve joint training with the Kenyan Army. Hundreds of Maasai and Samburu residents, some of them children, are said to have been killed or maimed by unexploded bombs left by the British Army at practice ranges in central Kenya.
America's Real Agenda with new President Mwai Kibaki
By Okoth Osewe, Kenya Socialist Web Site, 12 October 2003. The United States is not interested in helping Kenya sort out the long standing crisis brought about by the deformed capitalist system that has ravaged the country for 40 years and left the population deprived and poor. The real imperialist agenda is to use Kenya for the realization of political, economic, military and strategic interests in the East and Central African region.
US to Fund Kenyans' Military Training Despite Ban
By Kevin J. Kelley, The East African (Nairobi), 12 October 2005. Kenya has been chosen to participate in a United States-co-sponsored paramilitary training programme despite Washington's announced intention to withhold most forms of military assistance to Nairobi. New questions about the Bush administration's plans to punish Kenya for not agreeing to shield Americans from prosecution by the International Criminal Court.