World War III: The attack in Central Africa

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France to Train Bangui Security Forces
UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, 30 July 2003. France will train and equip three battalions of the Central African Republic (CAR) army and gendarmerie units to help restore security in the the Central African Republic. The regional Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States (CEMAC) has a 380-strong peacekeeping force in the CAR, which is entirely supported and equipped by France.
Exxon, Pentagon and jihad target Chad
By Wynde Priddy, special to World War 3 Report, 9 April 2004. Washington, opening a new front in the War on Terrorism, has begun training and equipping armies along insecure Sahara desert border regions. The new US military presence comes just as ExxonMobil has targeted Chad for a major new thrust of oil development.