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14th World Festival of Youth and Students,
Havana, July-August 1997

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   World history of children and youth

14th World Festival of Youth and Students Opens in Havana
By Compañero, 28 July 1997.
World Youth Festival Opens in Havana
By Gloria La Riva, Havana. From Workers World, 7 August 1997.
Reverend Lucius Walker: Special Invited Guest to the 14th World Festival of Youth and Student
From Granma International, 30 July 1997.
U.S. Youth Banned from Festival. 'Paradise' unmasked
By Nicanor Leon Cotayo, 31 July 1997.
Anti-American tribunal at youth festival condemns 'imperialism'
By Anita Snow, Associated Press, 4 August 1997.