FOA World Food Summit, Rome November 1996

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Fidel Castro stars at World Food Summit
From Barricada, Managua, Nicaragua, 18 November 1996. Hunger, inseparable companion of the poor, is the daughter of the unequal distribution of wealth and of the injustices of this world. The rich do not know hunger, the Cuban leader said.
U.S. Denies Right to Food; Refuses to sign on to aim of the FOA meeting in Rom
Reuters, 18 November 1996. The U.S. said that the right to food is "an aim or an aspiration," not an international obligation of governments. Washington added that it did not sign on to the aim of the summit, that countries allocate 0.7 per cent of their annual economic wealth to help development.
Divided World Food Summit Ends in Rome
Reuters, 18 November 1996. The U.N. World Food Summit ended with a strong call to do away with hunger, but with profound differences on the way to achieve that goal. Despite two years of negogiations and compromises, there were reservations over the final document.