The world history of the use of tobacco

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Tobacco Industry Scheme Alleged
By Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, Wednesday 2 August 2000. The tobacco industry has been waging a sophisticated, secret campaign for years to undermine efforts by the World Health Organization to combat smoking around the globe.
World Health Organization slams Big Tobacco
By Jonathan Fowler, AP, 14 May 2001. Big Tobacco’s quest for profits is putting an unacceptable burden on health care worldwide. Millions of needless and preventable deaths are caused by an unhealthy hunt for profits.
Smoking Through the Valley of Death
By Sefy Megafu, This Day, 31 May 2002. Global No Tobacco day. The contending issues affecting the consumption of tobacco in Nigeria. An alarming influx of tobacco products from the developed countries into Nigeria due to aggressive marketing and promotion in contravention to existing laws.
U.S. Told To Quit Tobacco Talks
CBS, 25 February 2003. Accusing President Bush’s administration of being beholden to cigarette multinationals, a coalition of American medical groups demanded that the US withdraw altogether from international anti-tobacco negotiations and stop sabotaging the planned treaty. The annual toll from smoking expected to be 10 million by 2030 because of a surge in deaths in developing countries, who want to preserve the right to restrict tobacco despite U.S. desire for trade liberalization.