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Subject: Avoiding Understanding Islam!
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Avoiding Understanding Islam!

From 12 January, 1995

Step No.1:
The West and the East which I will refer to as W/Est, now headed by the single Super Power of the US, like only one form of Islam; that of Fahd, Mubarak and Ben Ali. That form is referred to as moderenist Islam or moderate Islam.
Step No.2:
The W/Est calls any different form of Islam as Fundamentalist, in order to differentiate a good apple from a bad one. Now comes the task of defining it.
Step No.3:
The term Fundamentalism, which was actually meant to isolate a group of muslims from the main Muslim society had actually fired back and instead Millions of Muslims have joined the ranks of what the W/Est called Fundamentalists. Why? Because the WEst did not really understand Islam well, for it is a pre-requisite for a person to be a fundamentalist in order to be a good Muslim.
Step No.4:
The W/Est realizing that it made a mistake, they changed the term to Radicals, Fanatics, Terrorists, Islamists and Political Islam.
The last two terms are more academic in nature and actually reflect lack of knowledge of Islamic Shari'a. Islam is inherently political, and any attempt to isolate it from politics would immediately fail.
The term Islamists is the funniest, because anyone claiming to be a Muslim should be proud of being an Islamist who aspires to Islamize everything in his life.
Step No.5:
So what is left for the W/Est to do?
They failed to create a W/Estern Islam, there are two choices:
1. Live with Islam as it is, respect it as a neighbor, and do not dare to mess with the rights of Muslims or their homelands.

2. Put up with a long struggle which will put the W/Est in one trench and Muslims in the other. A struggle that only the one with God is on his side will win.

Last Step: This is really a question:
How could W/Estern planners, intellectuals, analysts and think tanks account for the God-Factor in their strategic and contingency brainstorm sessions?
I am sure most of these individuals are not athiests and they must believe in the power of Islam as a pure religion.

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