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History of Computer Technology

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   History of world telecommunications and media

Privatization of Internet

Closing the Information Highway
By Richard K. Moore, from "Toward Freedom", Dec 97/Jan 98. Elite domination of cyberspace as crucial to globalization (imperialism).
Wall Street Journal lies promote privatization of Internet essential functions
27 October 1998. Wall Street Joural's misrepresentation of the character of Internet to obscure its privatization to preclude democratic control.

The Y2K problem

The Year 2000 Bug Is a Menace, No Doubt About It
By James P. Bond, coordinator of year 2000 operational initiatives at the World Bank, International Herald Tribune, 27 January 1999. Developing countries are ill-prepared, and are particularly sensitive.
Y2K Trade Problems Loom For Poor Countries - UNCTAD
Reuters, 3 July 1999. A senior official of U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) fears a lengthy trade disrupion for developing countries.

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