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History of Telecommunications and Social Movements

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   History of world telecommunications and media

Internet as facilitator of national bourgoise movements

The Future of Network Politics
From The Network Observer, Vol. I, no. 12, December, 1994. The political potential of Internet.
The Real Revolution: Net Guerrillas
By Elizabeth Frantz, Time-Warner Pathfinder, 21 July 1997. The role of internet and its censorship in the Spanish-Basque conflict.
On-line activists step up fight: Dissidence is no longer a rag-tag endeavour
Today's opponents of autocratic regimes are making good use of Cyberspace. By Peter Eng, Bangkok Post, 29 April 1998. National bourgeois dissent in Asia uses Internet effectively against autocratic regimes.
Radical Politics Embrace the Internet
By Karine Granier-Deferre, International Herald Tribune - TribTech, 28 September 1998. Argues that the national or dissident movments fail to escape local issues to achieve internationalism.
US Army Frets over New Forms of Social Struggle
Mexico, A Laboratory of the "War of Networks". By Jim Cason and David Broooks, Nuevo Amancer Press, February 5 1999. The Zapatista rebels inaugurated a new form of social struggle that shook the foundations of the Mexican political system and has implications in the future for the strategists of National Security from the United States at the international level.

Intenet as a facilitator of the working-class movement

Eric Lee's book on Internationalism
By João Paulo Monteiro, 21 June 1998. A generally favorable review of a pioneer book on the new working class internatinalism and the Internet.
From National Place to Electronic Space: Labour's New International Arena
By P. Waterman, 22 June 1998. Another generally favorable review, this time from a non-Marxist perspective.

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