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Telecommunications and Cultural Interaction

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   History of world telecommunications and media

Cultural globalization

Cultural Questionnaire: Result
By Krista Lagus, 30 Jannuary 1995. A study that demonstrates the tension between universal communication and local cultures.
Communication: Towards a New Global Information Paradigm
By Roberto Savio, 1 March, 1995. Re. the meaning of globalization.
Philippine Greens protest the visit of #1 U.S. cyberlord Bill Gates
From the Philippine Greens, 20 March 1998. How IT globalization can undercut local values: impact of Microsoft's monopoly on Philippine education.
UN Blames Internet for Easy Drug Access
By Thalif Deen, IPS, 23 February 1999. Uncontrolled communications among people can have negative consequences.

Social development

Follow-up to the World Summit on Social Development
From the Commission on Social Development, 10 - 20 February 1998. United Nations agenda that assumes that information technology is primary enabling mechanism for economic globalization [i.e.,imperialism].
Marginal groups (i.e. the rest of us) thrive on the Internet
By B. Bower, in Science News, 17 October 1998. An enrichment of society: newsgroups create a social space for marginal groups.

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