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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 21:21:45 +0500
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From: Irfan Khan <KhanIA@SUPER.NET.PK>
Subject: Article 19 on the internet in Africa (fwd)

Article 19 on the internet in Africa

From the Democracy News mailing list, 27 May 1999

AFRICA: INTERNET CENSORSHIP- African countries are finally gaining increasing access to the Internet, while authorities continue to maintain control of the medium at the same time, says a new ARTICLE 19 report entitled "The Right to Communicate: The Internet in Africa".

According to the report, 51 out of Africa's 54 countries have access to the Internet, even though it is expensive and is impeded by communications barriers. ARTICLE 19 says,"E-mail and discussion groups, in particular, have been quickly embraced as powerful tools for sharing information and ideas."

Authorities have used various methods to control access to the Internet, some by maintaining a monopoly on telecommunications, others by controlling new services such as the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Nonetheless, the report says, "journalists and human right organizations in Africa have been quick to embrace e-mail because of its relative speed and reliability, as well as its ability to circumvent government censorship and control."

To obtain a copy contact: ARTICLE 19 at

33 Islington High St.,
London N19LH, U.K.;
tel: +44 1 71 278 9292;
fax: +44 1 71 713;
e-mail: article19@gn.apc.org;
Website: http://www.gn.apc.org/article19/.