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Subj: [BDPA-Africa] AFRICAN UNION!!! -- A definite step forward
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African Union!!!—A definite step forward

By Br. Colonel Gaddafi, [29 March 2001]

In this month so important to Africa because of the independence of Ghana and the role of the CPP in that independence, the massacres at Sharpeville and Langa, and now because of the recently concluded OAU-AEC session to further the process of building an African Union.

No African anywhere in the world is safe and secure without a strong united Africa coordinated by a popular based union government, as Dr. Nkrumah said In order to stem and reverse this advance of reaction, a union of liberated territories is called for. p. 112, Consciencism

The African Union must be developed in a mode that would facilitate change that serves the masses of African peoples all over the world. This in and of itself would be a plus to the whole world. This change must be communal but at the same time serve the specific interests of the individual living being....

philosophical consciencism seeks to promote individual development, but in such a way that the conditions for the development of all become the conditions for the development of each; that is in such a way that the individual development does not introduce such diversities as to destroy the egalitarian basis. This social-political practice also seeks to co-ordinate social forces in such a way as to mobilize them logistically for the maximum development of society along true egalitarian lines. For this, planned development is essential., p. 98, Consciencism

We have seen that for purposes of true development, a liberated territory must embrace philosophical consciencism. In its materialist aspect, philosophical consciencism preserves a humanist egalitarianism. The philosophical materialism which forms a part of consciencism accommodates dialectics, and holds it to be the efficient cause of all change. In order that development may not be gibbous, philosophical consciencism insists that account must be taken of the material conditions of the territory involved, as account must also be taken of the experience and consciousness of the people whose redemption is sought. A people can only be redeemed by lifting themselves up, as it were, by the strings of their boots. In these circumstances development must be socialist. It is only a socialist scheme of development which can ensure that a society is redeemed, that the general welfare is honestly pursued, that autonomy rests with the society as a whole and not in part, that the experience and consciousness of the people are not ravaged and raped. It is only a socialist scheme of development that can meet the passionate objectivity of philosophical consciencism. p. 113, Consciencism

The horror and trauma of our recent historical experience must be handled properly it must be balanced with the overwhelming positive historical impact on Africa and Africans on all of human history. If we fail to do this, to build positive cognitive systems and cultural memories based on the actual history, and not the oppressors and exploiter's tall tales, racist, elitist misrepresentations and historical distortions, our people will exist in a state of pathological Dr. Nkrumah states it:

The three segments of African society which I specified in the last chapter, the traditional, the Western and the Islamic; co-exist uneasily; the principles animating them are often in conflict with one another. I have in illustration tried to show how the principles which inform capitalism are in conflict with the socialist egalitarianism of the traditional African society.

What is to be done then? I have stressed that the two other segments, in order to be rightly seen, must be accommodated only as experiences of the traditional African society. If we fail to do this our society will be racked by the most malignant schizophrenia. p. 78, Consciencism

Now the AU does not now envision direct lawmaking power for the parliament...this we must lobby against because it hampers the voice of the people...lets have a parliament that has teeth and represents the African peoples...two, let us organize to finish the initial ratification process as soon as possible, starting with the July OAU meeting, let us insist that the leadership use the ratification process to expedite the unity of Africa and not retard it...then we can realize our true position in the world.

Africa now represents the largest force on the world map. Now is the time for Africa after the European era of colonialism...The new world order, not based on weapons of mass destruction but on the people's will. Africa does not have these weapons. However, weapons rust whereas the will of the people does not wear out.

Br. Colonel Gaddafi

United States of Africa-another Gaddafi vision? By Lamine Ghanmi, SIRTE, Libya, March 2 (Reuters)