The history of Africa’s relation to the wider world

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Africa’s problematique: comparative development

Respect and Solidarity
By Femi Akomolafe, 19 November 1994.
What am I doing in Holland?
By Femi Akomolafe, 1994. Europe’s dependence on Africa.
Africa—A Continent Marginalized
By Mrex. 25 January 1995. The African crisis not a function of Africa’s character, but of outside influences, such as structural adjustment.
On Powerlessness and Apathy
By Femi Akomolafe, 1995. The moral responsibility of Euro-Americans.
African states plan ‘red cards’ on coups
By Nicholas Phythian, Reuters, 13 July 1999. Africa’s leaders, some of whom seized power in coups themselves, have decided at the final OAU summit of the century to ostracise any future African leader who takes power by force.