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Ancient Sudan Civilization

Information provided by abubakr sidahmed to Nubia List. October, 1966.

Dear Netters:

(1)---from SUDANEWS - SUDAN TV (Oct. 96)

Prof.Charless Bonnit who is leading a Swiss Archaeological expedition team at North Sudan stated that according to his team's recent 2500yrs old findings, old civilization along the nile river at lower and upper Nubia (SUDAN) was older than known civilizations in the north (Egypt). Furthermore he noted that the known Old Egyptian Civilization was an advanced stage of an older civilization in the south (Sudan)....

(2) Earlier (Dec. 95) Dr. David O'Connor, Curator of the Exhibition, "Ancient Nubia: Egypt's Rival In Africa," at Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor -Dec. 1995 stated the flwg.:

"However, recent research suggests that large kingdoms arose in Nubia much earlier than is generally thought. Over the centuries Nubians and Egyptians competed for power and advantage throughout the vast Lower Nile region, from the Mediterranean Sea south to the Sixth Cataract in the Sudan. Powerful and centrally organized early Nubians are truly Egypt's rivals in Africa"
Dr. David O'Conner was a curator-in-charge of several Egyptology Exhibitions Worldwide.


Sudanese authorities announced a new field of archaeology studies named Sudaneology in contrast to Egyptology -Sudan TV Oct. 96


Old Nubian Civilization has been overlooked and it's findings have been attributed to other civilization for almost 2 centuries. This overlooking has been shared by our Sudanese governments. Now I sincerely hope this Sudaneology is not just a reactionary attempt and it will contribute positively to save Old Nubian Archaeological Sites and monuments at Kaj Bar and Kerma which are subject to innundation by the proposed Kaj Bar Commercial Dam.

abubakr sidahmed
member Sudanese Archaeolgical Research studies (SARS UK)
Nubian Studies and Documentation Centre - UK /Cairo
Nubian Research Studies -Paris

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