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Subject: Moroccan Unionist Assassinated In Agadia

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Subject: Moroccan Unionist Assassinated In Agadia


Morocco: Trade Unionist Assassinated in Agadir

From ICFTU Online, 3 June, 1997

Brussels, June 3 1997 (ICFTU OnLine): Anger is rising in Morocco following the assassination of Abdallah Mounacir, General Secretary of the marine fisherman's union of Agadir, affiliated to the Moroccan Labour Union (UMT). The port of Agadir has been paralysed since this morning by a 48 hour strike by the marine fishermen's union.

Kidnapped on May 27, Abdallah Mounacir's body was discovered on May 31, bound and badly disfigured following what appears to have been a very severe beating.

Abdallah Mounacir was also an active member of the Agadir branch of the Moroccan human rights association (AMDH), which has strongly condemned his murder.

The UMT's general secretary has sent a letter to the Minister of the Interior, demanding that an investigation be carried out to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

The assassination has taken place at a time of a steadily deteriorating social climate in Morocco. The ICFTU, which has added its voice to the condemnations, has repeatedly expressed concern at the rise in trade union repression in Morocco. The UMT, which represents more than 400,000 workers, has protested strongly at the number of its members dismissed purely for their trade union activities (1,200 in 1996 alone) and at other acts of repression by the employers, often with the complicity of the government. This collusion was denounced last year by the ICFTU in a complaint presented to the ILO against the Moroccan government.

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