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Labor Affairs Continued Labor Talks in Tunisia

North Africa Journal 14 February 2000

Tunis—Talks between labor representatives of the UGTT trade union and management of the Sonede company ended last week with an agreement on salary increases. According to media sources, both agreed on a TD 4.25 per month increase.

Meanwhile, negotiations were continuing between trade union officials and SNIT, SPROLS, and the chemical group ETAP.

Mohamed Touati Under Fire

Hundreds of university teachers have signed a petition demanding the removal of the head of their union, Mr. Mohamed Touati, secretary general of the higher education union. The petitioners seek to annul the agreement Mr. Touati signed with the ministry of education regarding pay raises.

Meanwhile, Touati is said to have asked management of the universities across the country to forbid the posting of posters from union members that are opposed to him. This demand angered many union officials active in the higher education sector. They have asked Ismail Sahbani, the head of the UGTT labor union to mediate in this affair.