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ADEM Opposes Wage Increase

North Africa Journal, 22 June 2000

ALGIERS—The Algerian association advocating free market, Association Nationale de Developpement de l’Economie de Marche or ADEM said it is worried about the latest statements made by the finance ministry before the parliament about a possible increase of wages nationwide within the public administration.

Adem speculates that such wage increase would result in an increase of the inflation rate. Such rise of the inflation would destabilize the macroeconomic balance achieved over the last three years and risks further turmoil on the social and labor fronts.

Adem has been calling for an urgent reform of the banking sector and a tax amnesty for companies investing in the key sectors. The organization says that these measures would provide additional incentives to Algerians who hold billions of dollars of assets abroad to invest in Algeria.