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Health staff stage strike

Hoover’s, 23 October 2002, 2:41pm

At the call of the national federation of health workers [Fr: FNTS = Federation Nationale des Travailleurs de la Sante], affiliated to the General Union of Algerian Workers [UGTA: General Union of Algerian Workers], the auxiliary medical staff and the administration employees of the health sector have massively followed the strike order that had been given to them.

Decided for 22 and 23 October, the recourse to the strike remains, in the eyes of the trade unionists, the sole means of securing a successful conclusion to their claims. An auxiliary health staff, member of the FNTS said: If they think that they can do without us, they are mistaken; the proof is that the doctors can do nothing without us and the public health specialists who have been on strike for more than 20 days. The proof is here: Everything is paralysed. Unfortunately this is the only thing that can provoke a reaction on the part of the Ministry of Health and Hospital Reform. For this man on strike, it is time for the authorities to understand the dejection of the medical auxiliary staff. He further says: There must be a stop to the marginalisation and denigration of the FNTS. Nurses and administration staff need the attention of the management. He recalls that the FNTS has not benefited from the measures decided in the framework of talks between the trade union and the management.