The social history of Libya

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Libyan Envoy Explains Deportation of Nigerians
Panafrican News Agency, 9 October 2000. The ongoing mass deportation of Nigerians and other black Africans living in Libya is aimed at ensuring compliance with the country’s residence laws. The evacuation was ordered by the Nigerian government following clashes involving the migrant Africans, especially West African citizens and their Libyan hosts.
Cameroonians Flee Racist Violence in Libya via Chad
Agence France-Presse, 14 November 2000. More than 100 Cameroon nationals fleeing an outbreak of violence against black African workers in Libya arrived at Chad’s Ndjamena airport. Several thousand African workers have been repatriated to their homelands since an outbreak of racist violence began in September, in which dozens of people were reported to have been attacked and killed.