The economic history of Algeria

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Algerian State Companies Go Bankrupt
Panafrican News Agency, 17 May 2001. The authorities in Algiers have conceded that some 55 state-owned companies in Algeria employing more than a hundred thousand people were technically bankrupt. political time-bombs The responds to the crisis by advocating a privatisation program.
Algerian Oil Refinery Strike Will Hit US European Markets
By Keyvan Hedvat and Michael Georgy, Reuters, 10 April 2002. Algeria’s biggest refinery, the 335,000 barrel-per-day Skikda complex, has shut due to a workers strike. The strike is based on social and financial issues, higher pay and compensation. A prolonged strike will put a big dent in Algeria’s sizeable oil products exports to the US and Europe.
Sétif, Une zone industrielle en mal de moyens
By Salah Slimani, La Tribune (Algiers), 20 May 2002. Sur les 72 zones industrielles et 449 zones d’activités que compte le pays, la zone industrielle de Sétif est actuellement l’une des plus importantes zones d’activités en Algérie. Classée dernièrement meilleure zone viabilisée, elle puise son importance dans le nombre et la qualité des entreprises implantées.