The contemporary political history of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Western Sahara)

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Western Sahara prepares for delayed referendum
BBC News, Wednesday 3 December 1997. The United Nations is resuming the process of identifying those eligible to take part in a referendum to decide the fate of the disputed Western Sahara in a year's time (brief).
Polisario Decries Endless Manoeuvres In West Sahara
PANA, 24 July 2000. The Polissario Front and the Sahrawi people say they are frustrated by underground manoeuvres aimed at derailing the UN peace plan in Western Sahara. The Polissario Front, the armed wing of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, have the military, political and diplomatic means to keep on fighting.
Polisario Unhappy At Further Two-Year Delay
Panafrican News Agency, 24 November 2000. Mohamed Ben Abdelaziz, the secretary general of the Polisario Front in Brussels regretted the decision made by the UN secretary general Kofi Annan and the Security Council to postpone until 2002 the referendum initially planned for 2000. Morocco continues to veto the holding of the referendum.
A forgotten People
By Owei Lakemfa, Vanguard (Lagos), Thursday 15 March 2001. All attempts made by colonial Spain with French backing to wipe out the independence movement in Western Sahara twenty-five years ago, and similar efforts by Morocco for fifteen years ago have come to naught. It was a joyous, unconquered Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) that rolled out the drums on February 27 to celebrate its silver jubilee.